The Organic Electropolish
July 26, 2010
Rudy Sedlak

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Electropolishing stents, and other implantable devices made from any alloy, has traditionally been difficult, dangerous, and environmentally unattractive... and that is on the good days!  The generic electropolish for Nitinol is particularly difficult, as it is not only very dangerous to make up, it must be used at extreme cold temperatures.   This, of course, shortens the life, as water poisons the polish, and condensation at the low use temperature, inevitably kills the polish well before it comes close to being consumed.

RD Chemical saw this as an important challenge, and after some months, (where we wondered if we could/should be trying to create magic), has developed an electropolish for Nitinol, Chrome Cobalt, and of course stainless steel, which might be every operations dream process.

The new polish, ElectroPolish NR™, is non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.  [However, it cannot be recommended as a nutritional supplement!] It is used at room temperature, and has a capacity for polishing which far exceeds other known polish compositions.

ElectroPolish NR™ is non-regulated, as received, and could be legally put into most potable water discharges.   As it is used, it may pick up heavy metals, which would make it into a hazardous material, but there are known methods for removing these metals, so it may be disposed of as a non-regulated material.

For more, see ElectroPolish NR™ RDZ-1960

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