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EConomical Products from RD Chemical Company

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EConomical Products from RD Chemical Company

RD Chemical Company introduces a new line of EConomical stripping, cleaning, alternate oxide and other process chemistries for the manufacture of printed circuit boards which offer the advantages of lower cost, high activity and in some cases very low VOCs. These next generation products were developed to fill the need for lower cost products and products which are environmentally friendly while still maintaining the high performance associated with RD Chemical product offerings.

The EC Product line presents innerlayer and outerlayer process chemistry and cleaners that are perfectly suited for processes that are price sensitive or environmentally challenging. These products as well as the newly patented ChemBond EC alternate oxide provide low operating costs with dramatically reduced waste treatment requirements. Several products are low VOC while still providing superior perform like their predecessors. The EC Product line rounds out a product offering that encompasses the PCB process from initial cleaning through final clean.

A partial list of EC Chemicals:
  • Cleaners
  • Developers
  • Resist Stripping
  • HAL Flux
  • ChemBond EC alternate oxide

Products are added to the line as they are developed. If you don't see a product that meets your needs give us a call and RD will develop a product specifically to meet that need.