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RD CHEMICAL, a Silicon Valley based company, supplies application-specific process chemicals for the Printed Circuit Board, Chemical Milling, Medical Equipment, Test Equipment and Semiconductor Packaging Industries. The combination of high technology products and in-depth support, from the technical service team, allows the customer to maximize productivity and minimize cost.

RD CHEMICAL Company, originally known as the "Innerlayer Chemistry Company", because of product excellence in this segment of the fabrication process, now is referred to as "Manufacturing Chemists". because of the wide range of industries served.  RD Chemical also supplies process chemistry for the rest of the Printed Circuit Board process line, where its' technology and process understanding produces the outstanding chemistries that have become its' hallmark.

RD CHEMICAL Company is a technology-driven, not marketing-driven company. and is continuously looking for new opportunities to improve profitablity of its' customers, often by creating new products, to do things not previously known to be feasible.  RD Chemical prides itself on its capacity to solve clients chemical process issues, and will develop custom products, when required.

RD CHEMICAL invites you to share your chemical process problems, and issues, so that we may offer consultation and feedback, to demonstrate our capability to assist you in becoming a leader in your industry.

RD Chemical Company also sponsors the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Process Information Center