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ChemBond™ EC2

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The Next Step in Alternate Oxide

RD Chemical Company introduces ChemBond™ EC2, the next generation alternate oxide. ChemBond™ EC2 is a single step process, after cleaning. It is a one minute process, thus allowing high line speed, without excessive equipment footprint. The process removes only 20 μinches of Copper, and produces a bond (on FR-4) of 7+ pounds/inch.

Deionized water rinses are NOT required at any point in the process, thus lowering processing costs, and potential downtime.

ChemBond™ EC2 uses air instead of Hydrogen Peroxide to microetch the Copper. This allows many improvements on the process. Copper loading is a consistent 30 grams/liter, and the process is quite stable, with no startup uncertainties.

The use of air instead of Peroxide means that the bath is stable, and very easily controlled. The bath is run in a feed and bleed mode, and controlled by monitoring the conductivity of the sump, which is a measure of the acidity. This means that there is a single replenisher, which is controlled automatically.

The use of air instead of Peroxide, is partly why the cost per surface square foot is so much lower, but this is only part of the reason why the cost is lower. Disposal costs will go virtually to zero. Because the process uses no Hydrogen Peroxide, the organic additives in the chemistry, that promote good bonding, are stable, and do not need to be added on starting up after an extended shutdown. The net result is an oxide system that is easy to use and control, and costs dramatically less than Peroxide based systems.

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