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Aluminum DCPR RDZ-1642

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Aluminum Deoxidizer/Desmut

Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) is an Aluminum deoxidizer/desmut formulated to deal with the especially difficult problems of particulate removal from high alloy aluminum casting (typically alloy numbers 13, 360 and 380). Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) can be used on any aluminum alloy for particulate removal, the more difficult the particulate removal operation, the more apparent will be the advantages of Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642).

Metal loss from aluminum surfaces is negligible, unless the solution has been diluted with large quantities (greater than 10%) of water. Accordingly, it is important to make sure that parts, when entering the bath of Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) solution, are as close to water-free as practical without actual drying. For best results rack the parts to minimize cupping. Make certain all water contained within channels or depressions is allowed to drain out.

The ideal process is:
  • 1. Clean parts in Aluminum Prep™ (RD-20); (8 oz/gal, 140°-160° F, 3-10 min).
  • 2. Rinse
  • 3. Particulate Removal in Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) (70° ± 10° F, 3-5 minutes).
  • 4. Rinse
Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) is used as received, without dilution.

Polypropylene tanks, with venting recommended. Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) does not give off fumes during use, but has a definite acid odor on standing.


Contains strong acids, including Nitric and traces of Hydrofluoric acid. Use with extreme caution. Workers exposed must wear splash goggles, Neoprene gloves, and other protection as required to keep Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) solutions from contacting skin. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Used solutions may contain heavy metals, which will have to be removed before solutions can be disposed of. These usually may be removed by neutralizing to pH> 9.0, and precipitating, filtering off residue. Neutralization should be done only on diluted solutions, as concentrated acids will react violently with neutralizing alkali. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


Aluminum DCPR (RDZ-1642) is available in 15 and 30 gallon poly drums.

RD Chemical Company makes these recommendations in good faith, based on laboratory and field testing. Ultimate responsibility for propriety of use, however, must rest with the purchaser and user. RD Chemical Company recommends thorough testing of its products, before use.