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ChemPolish™ DD RDZ-1627

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For Particulate Removal From 300 Series Stainless Steel

ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) is an acidic bath used for cleaning, passivating, and particle removal from 300 Series (austenitic) Stainless Steel to render it suitable for use in disc drive, and other environments where particulate release creates problems. ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) leaves a brilliant specular finish, free of etching, hydrogen embrittlement, or halide-induced stress cracking. The surface is cleaned completely of any organic and inorganic contamination. ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) gives maximum brilliance with minimum material loss, approximately 0.0001 inch (1/10 mil) per minute.

ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) is preceded by a cleaner, ideally MicroClean CM (RD-38), followed by a rinse.

ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) is used as supplied at 175 ± 5O F for 1-2 minutes (typically).


DO NOT allow bath temperature to fall below 170 F. Results when bath falls below this temperature will be much less desirable. Avoid having bath come in contact with ANY copper as copper will "poison" the bath.

ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) may be used until it is exhausted and then discarded, or it may be replenished with additives, like a plating bath, for lowest cost operation. See "Chemical Control of the ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) Bath". Certain alloys (especially high carbon) of Stainless may raise a black smut while being polished. This can be removed by a short (30-180 second) dip in room temperature 50% Nitric acid.

Very ruggedly constructed polypropylene tanks, reinforced for high-temperature use, are required. PVDF may be used. Teflon steam coils are the best method of heating the bath. Quartz electrical heaters may also be used, however, some form of mild agitation to keep the solution moving over heaters is recommended. This prevents localized overheating and minimizes brightener decomposition.


Caution should be exercised in handling ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) or the additives. ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) is highly acidic and will cause permanent eye damage if contact is made and may cause skin lesions if not washed off promptly. It is important to wear complete eye protection and clothing that is resistant to acids when working with ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) or the additives. When the ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) bath is in operation, it gives off various oxides of nitrogen and other acidic gases. Therefore, a ventilation system capable of providing an air flow of 75 feet per minute away from the operator is required. This will necessitate between 100 and 800 cubic feet per minute airflow for each lineal foot of operating side of the tank, depending upon the design of tank and ducting. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) is strongly acidic: used solutions will contain dissolved nickel and chromium metals which will precipitate when neutralized to pH 9.0. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


ChemPolish™ DD (RDZ-1627) and the additives for replenishing are available in 15 gallon and 55 gallon poly drums, tote bins, and in bulk trucks.

RD Chemical Company makes these recommendations in good faith, based on laboratory and field testing. Ultimate responsibility for propriety of use, however, must rest with the purchaser and user. RD Chemical Company recommends thorough testing of its products, before use.