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MicroClean™ CM RD-38

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A Microcleaner for Spray or Soak cleaning of Iron and Copper Alloys

MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) is a "micro-cleaner" that is designed to remove extremely tenacious soils from copper, iron, iron-nickel and iron-nickel-chrome alloys. MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) was created to meet the needs of the Chemical Milling Industry, which is frequently faced with removing baked-on organic compounds (such as may be found on sheets of Alloy 42, stainless steels or Copper as they are received or after stripping baked-on photoresist). MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) has been used very successfully as a pre-clean for printed circuit boards before photoresist application. For best results on Copper, follow with MicroClean™ S (RD-17).

MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) will not attack or tarnish any of the above mentioned metals.

Use MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) at 8-16 ounces/gallon (60-120 grams/liter) and at 130° - 200° F (55O-95° C), depending on whether product is sprayed or used in immersion tanks. Cleaning time will vary from one (1) to ten (10) minutes, depending on temperature and tenacity of the soils. Soak cleaning will require higher concentrations than spray cleaning.

Use in immersion or spray operations. MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) rinses freely and completely with no residues in overflow soak rinse tanks. Control concentration by titration.

Tanks should be constructed of polypropylene, alkali-resistant plastic, or steel. Heaters should be quartz or stainless steel.


MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) contains caustic soda (lye) and can cause severe burns to skin and eyes; keep from contacting any part of the body. Dissolve only in cold water, do not attempt to dissolve in hot water, explosive hydration/ dissolution can occur. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Completely biodegradable and containing no solvents, MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) may be disposed of into most sanitary sewage systems, after any heavy metals picked up during use are removed and pH adjusted. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


A free-flowing white granule, MicroClean™ CM (RD-38) is available in 100 and 450 pound drums.

RD Chemical Company makes these recommendations in good faith, based on laboratory and field testing. Ultimate responsibility for propriety of use, however, must rest with the purchaser and user. RD Chemical Company recommends thorough testing of its products, before use.