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ChemBond™ EC RDZ-1601/1602

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Oxide Replacement Alternate Oxide for Lamination Adhesion

ChemBond™ EC is a lamination Adhesion promoter that replaces conventional oxide used on Printed Circuit Board innerlayers. ChemBond™ EC works quickly, and efficiently, producing a coating that is proof to pink ring defects and resistant to handling damage. ChemBond™ EC removes less Copper (2 µin) than other alternate oxide processes.

The ChemBond™ EC process is designed for use in a flood conveyor system. The process line is low cost, and simple, and involves only two process steps (including cleaning), with a total wetted time of less than three minutes, including rinses.

ChemBond™ EC is not chelated, and must be run in a feed and bleed mode.

The process requires a starter solution ChemBond™ EC Starter (RDZ-1601) and is replenished with ChemBond™ EC Replenisher (RDZ-1602).

Run at 105 degrees F (40° C) The process must be controlled using a feed and bleed unit which monitors free acid by measuring conductivity. Replenishment is triggered by the acid level falling below the set point, and is 25% ChemBond™ EC Replenisher (RDZ-1602) and 75% tap water.

Conventional conveyorized flood equipment.


ChemBond™ EC Starter (RDZ-1601) and ChemBond™ EC Replenisher (RDZ-1602) are acidic, so caution is advised. Do not allow to contact skin or eyes, full face shield and waterproof gloves must be used.

Spent solutions will contain dissolved Copper. The solution can be sent to copper recovery with spent ammonical etchant or must be removed before disposal. Contact RD Chemical Company Technical Service for advice on how best to accomplish this.


ChemBond™ EC Starter (RDZ-1601) and ChemBond™ EC Replenisher (RDZ-1602) are available in 55 gallon poly drums and 330 gallon totes.

RD Chemical Company makes these recommendations in good faith, based on laboratory and field testing. Ultimate responsibility for propriety of use, however, must rest with the purchaser and user. RD Chemical Company recommends thorough testing of its products, before use.

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