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ChemStrip 99 RD-37

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Additive to Nitric Acid Rack Strippers

ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) is a liquid additive to nitric acid rack stripping solutions. The resultant solution is an excellent non-sludging stripper which provides a more uniform stripping than straight nitric acid, which often will slow to unacceptable stripping speeds as it reaches the point of exhaustion. ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) fortified nitric baths will strip faster and longer than straight nitric. They typically last twice as long as nitric alone, resulting in only one-half the amount of stripping solution which needs to be disposed. ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) will strip copper, zinc, cadmium, brass, nickel, iron, tin and tin/lead from racks made of stainless steel. ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) will not dissolve chrome or precious metals but will readily undercut flash deposits.

Use at 1-2 gallons of ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) per 15 gallons of stripping bath. The stripping solutions should be at least 50% 42º Bé nitric acid. Typical make-up for a 100 gallon rack stripping bath is: 7 to 14 gallons ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) 50 to 86 gallons nitric acid, 42º Bé Water to 100 gallons

ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) nitric acid baths work best at temperatures from 70º F to 100º F. Below 70º F, stripping time may be reduced. Stripping time will depend on thickness and type of deposit being removed. An older bath may be heated to 120º F to increase stripping rate. Pieces being stripped should be kept a few inches below the surface to minimize fuming. Thorough rinsing is highly recommended.

Tanks should be made of PVC, polypropylene or stainless steel. Ventilation is strongly recommended for the nitric acid fumes and spray. Heaters, if used, should be quartz.


Care should be taken when handling. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Protective clothing and eye protection are recommended when using unmixed product. However, when mixed with nitric acid, ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) should be treated as if it were straight nitric acid. Use in a well ventilated area and wear acid-proof protective clothing. Full protection for eyes is required; either goggles or a full-face shield. Avoid inhalation of fumes. A chemical respirator should be worn. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Used ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) is highly acidic and will contain chelated heavy metals. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


ChemStrip 99 (RD-37) is available in 50 pound (approx. 5 gallons) and 550 pound (approx. 55 gallons) poly drums.

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