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ChemStrip NXT RD-30

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Stripper for Tin or Solder-plated Circuit Boards

ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) is a single part, high capacity nitric acid-based stripper for use in spray operations. ChemStrip NXT strips completely, leaving the copper in a bright, tarnish-free condition. ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) has minimal attack on copper, and maintains stripped Tin and Lead residues in suspension, with no hard deposits in the sump or spray chamber.

ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) contains no chelates, or fluorides, so waste treatment is simplified. ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) has a holding capacity of 21 oz/gal of Tin/Lead, which is equivalent to 89 ft2 of 0.3 mil 60/40 Tin/Lead solder per gallon of product.

ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) is used as received, without dilution.

Use ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) at 65º - 85º F. Strips rapidly and thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly, but at low pressure, not to exceed 15 lbs/in2. If a defoamer is required, use In-Process Defoamer (RD-36). If water must be added to sump, deionized water is preferred. Tap water may slow stripping, and make the product more corrosive to copper and stainless steel.

Use Titanium, PVC, Polypropylene or Stainless Steel.ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) is a low foam product, but if sprayed in horizontal equipment, a false floor will help prevent excessive foam.

ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) may be controlled by titration or specific gravity (Baume'). May be used in feed and bleed mode. Procedures are available upon request.


Use caution as product contains strong oxidizing acid (Nitric). Keep from contact with skin or eyes. Do not allow contact with organic or flammable materials. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Spent ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) will contain significant amounts of acid, dissolved copper and/or Lead, which must be removed before disposal. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


ChemStrip NXT (RD-30) is available in 55 gallon poly drums.

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