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Developer Defoamer RD-43

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Non-Silicone, for use in Developers or other Spray Systems

Developer Defoamer (RD-43) is a fully organic non-Silicone, water soluble defoamer that rinses readily and leaves no residue. It is designed for systems where clean rinsing is essential. It is odor-free and biodegradable. Developer Defoamer (RD-43) will defoam any aqueous (water-based) system at any pH. It is ideal for defoaming aqueous photoresist developers, strippers or cleaners of any type.

RDX-1107 is made up at 100 to 5000 ppm. Try 1000 ppm to start. This is equivalent to 0.10oz./gallon.

Use at 70º to 130º F. Developer Defoamer (RD-43) permanently defoams. It will not be deactivated or "used up" in solution, however, as more resist is dissolved in the developer sump, more defoamer may be required for adequate defoaming.

Developer Defoamer (RD-43) is compatible with all materials used in liquid processing equipment.


Developer Defoamer (RD-43) is non-hazardous.

Developer Defoamer (RD-43) is biodegradable and "in use" concentrations may be deposited legally into any sewer system.


Developer Defoamer (RD-43) is available in 55, 15 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.

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