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Equipment Cleaner RD-34

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All Purpose product for removal of Water Hardness, Photoresist, and Metal Salt Deposits

Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) is an all purpose product for removal of water hardness, photoresist and metal salt deposits from chemical processing equipment. Specifically developed for the Printed Circuit Board and Chemical Milling Industries, it will safely clean any spray equipment without damage to any metal or plastic. It is important that you read the Disposal instructions before using this product.

Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) may be used at any temperature the equipment can safely handle, and may be reused until all the capacity is consumed.

Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) is a proven product that cleans:

  • Dry film developer residues
  • Cleaner residues
  • Dry film stripper residues
  • Etcher residues (ammoniacal, cupric, ferric)
  • Solder stripper residues

Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) will typically clean most spray equipment, and rinse chambers, including clogged nozzles (without removing the nozzles), in less than 30 minutes. It is a one step process, and only needs to be flushed with tap water before the equipment is ready to be recharged. It is so safe that Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) may be left circulating overnight, if desired, for extremely thorough cleaning.

25%-30% by volume: for the first cleaning, because of high soil loading. Lower percentages (10%) may be used when equipment is cleaned regularly.

May be used unheated, but cleaning times may be excessive (over two hours) depending on deposit age and composition. May be heated to as high as equipment will allow.
  • Polypropylene - 160º F / PVC or Polyethylene - 130º F
  • Stainless & Titanium - to the boil (> 212º F)
Time required will depend on extent of deposit and temperature, typically less than 15 minutes at 120º F. Use until equipment is clean or product is exhausted. The higher the use temperature, the faster the cleaning action. To clean the chain on chain driven equipment, turn the conveyor on while Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) is in use. Since chain is exposed to working solution only short period of time, it may be necessary to allow cleaning to run for up to an hour.


Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) is highly alkaline but contains no hazardous ingredients other than the alkalinity. Contains caustic potash (lye) and can cause severe burns to skin and eyes. Wearing safety goggles or a full-face shield is MANDATORY. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Equipment Cleaner (RD-34), as supplied, may be discharged into most sanitary systems. However, during use Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) may pick up heavy metals which must be removed before the product can be discharged. Use heavy metal precipitants, which may then be filtered out. Never dump Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) into the heavy metal clarifier, it will prevent separation of heavy metals. Put the treated Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) into waste water after the clarifier. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


Equipment Cleaner (RD-34) is available in 5, 15 and 55 gallon drums.

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