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HAL Flux RD-88

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HAL Flux (RD-88) is the definitive flux for any type of Hot Air Leveled circuit board. This flux is especially recommended for dry film solder mask surface mount boards, the most difficult to level board known.

HAL Flux is based on organic acids, and does not contain hydrochloric or any other volatile acid, thus is safe on expensive equipment.

HAL Flux rinses easily and completely in cool water, without foaming. Preclean panels with HAL Cleaner (RD-14) immediately prior to flux application.

HAL Flux is used as supplied.

Cover panels completely with HAL Flux, then hot air level and rinse with cool water.

Do not thin HAL Flux with alcohol or water. Use as supplied.


HAL Flux contains organic acids. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes. Wear protective clothing and goggles. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

May contain dissolved heavy metals after use, which must be removed before disposal. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


HAL Flux is available in 5 and 55 gallon poly containers.

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