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MicroClean™ NE RD-15

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Copper Cleaner/Oxide and Chromate Remover

MicroClean™ NE is a low foam cleaner/nanoetch for removing finger prints, chromate, and oxide residues from copper, and other metal foils, prior to photoresist lamination. Replenishment is based on consumption of the acidity in the product. MicroClean™ NE baths may be replenished, until dissolved metal level gets so high that the cleaner etches the substrate excessively.

In most cases, the acceptable maximum level of dissolved metal will be 1000 PPM. If solution dragout is significant, this level may never be reached, so that it may be possible to run with only bath replenishment, based on analysis of the bath acidity. Increasing bath temperature will increase metal removal rate.

Make up MicroClean™ NE at 15 ± 5% by volume in tap or deionized water. Use of deionized water prolongs bath life.

Operate at 75-120° F, for 30-180 seconds, depending on temperature. If used in spray, heat to at least 80° F before turning on pumps, otherwise cleaner may foam excessively. Analyze periodically (every 4 hours initially, later may be once per shift). Keep concentration of product at 15 ± 5%. Do not exceed operating temperature of 130° F. Optimum temperature range is 80-90° F. Control by titration, see below for procedure.

Use stainless steel, plastic or titanium. Quartz, Teflon or Titanium heaters may be used.


Use caution, contains strong mineral acids. Rinse skin or eyes if contact is made. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Neutralize and precipitate any dissolved heavy metals. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


MicroClean™ NE is available in 15 & 55 gallon poly drums.

Procedure for Determining Concentration of MicroClean™ NE (RD-15)

Equipment Required:
1 (50 ml) Buret 1 Titration Flask 1 25 ml graduated cylinder, or pipet Magnetic Stirrer (optional)

Reagents required:
1.OO N NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) Phenolphthalein indicator solution

Put 25 ml sample of cleaner bath into titration flask. Add few drops Phenolphthalein indicator solution to flask. Titrate with 1.00N to first permanent trace of pink. Note mls required. Percent by Volume MicroClean™ NE = mls 1.00N NaOH X 0.934 Procedures for Determining Dissolved Copper In MicroClean™ NE (RD-15) Copper may be determined by Atomic Absorbtion, Colorimetrically, or by Iodometric Titration. Colorimetric method is available on request, and will need to be customized for the particular Colorimeter. Iodometric method for determining Dissolved Copper Content: Take 100 ml sample of cleaner bath, add 5 mls con. HCl and 3-5 grams of Potassium Iodide. Titrate to near colorless with 0.100N Sodium Thiosulfate, add few mls Starch indicator, continue titrating until colorless. PPM Dissolved Copper = mls 0.100N Sodium Thiosulfate X 635

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