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TinPlate RT RD-63

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An Immersion Tin Plating for Copper, Tin/Lead and other metals

TINPLATE RT (RD-63), Immersion Tin plating bath, plates a brilliant, dense, smooth Tin deposit onto various copper alloys, gold and other less noble metals, leaving a corrosion resistant surface that is highly solderable, even when the substrate was not. Since TINPLATE RT (RD-63) deposits a brilliant finish, subsequent reflowing operations may be avoided. It is important to recognize that TINPLATE RT (RD-63) is a chemical plating (rather than an "electro-plating") bath. As a consequence uniform plating can be expected on all surfaces: shape and size have no bearing on deposit quality.

One part TINPLATE RT (RD-63) by volume to two parts water.

Precleaning: Parts to be plated should be free of soil and tarnish. Badly soiled parts should be precleaned in an alkaline cleaner, MicroClean CuLX (RD-68) is best for copper. Light finger printing and tarnish may be effectively removed by cleaning in ChemPrep (RD-58). Optimum results are obtained when the work is microetched just prior to plating.

Temperature: Use at 70º - 190º F. Storage of concentrate in unheated rooms or make-up with excessively cold water will slow deposition rate until bath warms up.

Time: Minimum 5 minute immersion times (at room temperature) are required in a new bath for corrosion protection. Increased deposition time will be required as the bath is consumed, or if the bath is used at less than room temperature (70º F). Elevated temperatures will decrease plating time required.

Agitation: Work agitation or other mechanical agitation is required to assure even plating in restricted areas, like holes. Do not use air agitation.

Maintenance: Make up water loss due to evaporation to within 90% of original volume.

Keep tin within concentration range, add concentrate or discard bath. Time for initial coverage will increase as Tin is depleted. Bath may be replenished up to any amount equal to original makeup, then discard.

Rinsing: Thorough rinsing is required. Best results are obtained using an overflow cold rinse.

Plating Rate: Coverage will occur within the first minute. RD Chemical recommends at least 10 minutes immersion (at room temperature) for excellent corrosion resistance. Plating will continue at a decreasing rate for 20 minutes.

Tanks should be made of polypropylene or other plastics. Tanks made of fiberglass should not be used.

Note: Use only Carbate or Teflon coated heaters. Quartz or stainless steel heaters will be attacked.


Product contains Thiourea (Thiocarbamide). Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed safety information.

Spent solutions may have to be treated to precipitate heavy metals. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further suggestions and information.


TINPLATE RT (RD-63) is available in 15 and 55 gallon poly drums.

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