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Process for Cleaning and Polishing Nitinol or Titanium

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Minimum recommended process for electropolishing Titanium alloys

If the polishing is non-uniform, the surface may be oxidized, and require a treatment after the MicroClean Ti™:  MicroClean MV™ (RDZ-1995), which, although it is a strong acid de-oxidizer it will NOT remove metal.


Motorcyle PegIn case you were wondering this is NOT a medical device, it is, in fact, a Titanium motorcycle peg. We had a request from a customer to see if we could polish this in the ElectroPolish Ti2™, and although we did not have enough power in the laboratory rectifier to polish the entire peg, it did a nice job on a portion. We keep this as reminder that we can polish things we would never have thought of.