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Nitinol Titanium ElectroPolish RDZ-1867

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Generic  ElectroPolish

Generic ElectroPolish is the generic 70% Methanol/30% Sulfuric Acid blend used at lower temperatures to polish Titanium and Nitinol.  Generic Electropolish will polish Titanium and Titanium alloys to a gleaming, specular, smooth surface. ElectroPolish For best results, pre-clean and deoxidize parts to insure completely clean surface, followed with a water rinse, then an Isopropyl Alcohol rinse, then into Generic ElectroPolish.

MAKE-UP: Use as received, do not allow to be contaminated with water. 

Use at -30° to 15° F  .  

OPERATION: Voltage required is determined by anode/cathode distance.  Typical range is 7-10 volts. Solution agitation will lower voltage requirements somewhat.  Current density of 50 ASF = 50 Amp/dm2) has produced excellent results.  Cover bath when not in use to minimize water pickup.

EQUIPMENT: Generic ElectroPolish  is flammable, and under use, will warm to its flash point.  Use caution, keep the rectifier away from bath fumes.  Keep bath under 15° F (-10° C).  Extreme cooling required to keep bath temperature under control.

SAFETY: Generic ElectroPolish  contains a strong acid, and can burn exposed skin.  Workers should be protected from exposure with Neoprene rubber clothing, and full-face shield, or splash goggles.  Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

DISPOSAL: Used Generic ElectroPolish may contain heavy metals that which need to be removed before disposal.  If no heavy metals are involved, simple dilution and neutralization is usually enough for most sanitary districts.  Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations.  Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.

PACKAGING: 4 liter bottles, 20 liter, 200 liter drums.