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ProbeWash™ RDZ-1730

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A Cleaner/De-oxidizer for Probe Card Test Contacts

ProbeWash™ (RDZ-1730) is a de-oxidizer that will remove aluminum contaminents as well as other oxides from contact surfaces, returning probe resistance levels to new.

ProbeWash™ (RDZ-1730) deoxidizes without "activating" the metal surface. Re-growth of oxides is the same as new contacts. ProbeWash™ (RDZ-1730) removes only oxides, and will attack only Zinc and Aluminum. Only a final rinse with water, preferably deionized, is required after the de-oxidizer step.

Product should be used as received - Do not dilute

May be sprayed or used in immersion tank. Suggested Recommend minimum six-minute solution contact @ 120º F (50ºC) use product until depleted, then replace. Analytical procedures are available to determine consumption of product.

Use any equipment that can handle strong alkali (caustic) and temperature.


ProbeWash™ (RDZ-1730) contains a very strong alkali (caustic) and should be handled only with appropriate safety equipment. Safety goggles are mandatory, waterproof (vinyl, rubber etc.) gloves are strongly recommended. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

May contain dissolved Aluminum or other metals, which may require treatment before spent solutions are disposed. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


ProbeWash™ (RDZ-1730) is available in 1 liter, 1X4 liter, 20 liter drums and 200 liter drums

RD Chemical Company makes these recommendations in good faith, based on laboratory and field testing. Ultimate responsibility for propriety of use, however, must rest with the purchaser and user. RD Chemical Company recommends thorough testing of its products, before use.