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MicroClean™ Ti  RDZ-1849

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Scale and Oxide remover for Titanium/Nitinol

Nitinol and Titanium is often extruded, drawn, or burned in the formation process, which creates organo-metallic compounds or oxides. These compounds are essentially impossible to dissolve without etching the metal, and therefore must be destroyed to be removed. MicroClean™ Ti (RDZ-1849) destroys these compounds by removing the metal component, and does not attack the metal. This process may take some significant time and/or temperature. When cleaning is completed, the work should be rinsed rapidly, and moved to the next step quickly, before oxide formation begins. MicroClean™ Ti (RDZ-1849) may also be used on other metals, such as Cobalt/ Chromium.

Use as received, do not dilute. Use as hot as convenient, up to the boiling point. Cleaning speed doubles for every 20O F of temperature increase.

Make up evaporation losses with water, preferably deionized. Cover tank to minimize contact with air. Agitation helps, but do not use air bubbling.

Any equipment that can handle the use temperature and chemistry is acceptable. Stainless steel, or Polypropylene is recommended.


Use extreme caution, contains Caustic Alkali. Splash goggles or full face shield is mandatory. Rubber gloves, and any other protection required to keep from any contact with skin or eyes. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

May pick up Nickel or other heavy metals, which must be removed before disposal. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


4 liter bottles, 20 liter pails, and 200 liter drums.