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Ti Pickling Solution RDZ-1776

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Clean/Deoxidize Titanium and Alloys of Titanium

Ti Pickling Solution (RDZ-1776) cleans and deoxidizes even heat treated Titanium and its alloys, rapidly and completely. Ti Pickling Solution (RDZ-1776) may be used simply diluted and heated, or up to 10% Hydrogen Peroxide may be added to accelerate the process dramatically.

Ti Pickling Solution (RDZ-1776) has an extended life when simply diluted, and when stored in plastic containers, will last for many applications, exact life is a function of how much oxide is on the metal.

When mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide, the cleaning process is speeded dramatically, but the life is also shortened dramatically, and it will certainly not last over night, and may not last that long, depending on the oxide, and the alloy being cleaned.

Use at 50%. May be used at room temperature, or heated to 50° C (120° F). Higher temperatures result in faster cleaning. Hydrogen Peroxide may be added, use up to 10% of 30% Active Hydrogen Peroxide.

Use at up to 50° C, higher temperatures produce faster cleaning. Cleaning times will vary with oxide thickness, and alloy composition.

Store only in plastic, glass and metal will be (slowly) attacked by Ti Pickling Solution (RDZ-1776). Glass or metal may be used for short term cleaning/heating. For small quantities it is best to put into plastic jar, with lid, heat (carefully) in microwave.


Ti Pickling Solution contains Fluoroboric Acid, which is poisonous and corrosive, do not allow to contact skin or eyes. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

May pick up heavy metals during use, which need removal before dumping. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations. Contact your RD Chemical representative for further information.


One liter bottles, 4 liter bottles, and 20 liter pails.